Our Signature Dishes



Was created by Crystal Jade Melbourne in 1999. when it was first established after many trials and errors.
This unique combination with intense and sumptuous flavour has became an iconic dish in Melbourne.
Today, it is continuously sourced to be enjoy by diners and chefs around the world.


Daily special menu

姜葱清蒸东星斑 Steamed Live Coral Trout in Ginger & Shallot (800G-1KG) $350/KG
骨香班 fried coral trout fillet & Vegetables$108
迷你节瓜盅 Double Boiled Winter Melon Soup $22
乌鸡炖鲍鱼汤 Abalone Chicken Soup $32
蟲草花燉螺頭  Double Boiled Conch Soup $32
紙包春雞 Paper Wrapped Free Range Spring Chicken $50/Whole
红烧蚝油原只澳洲鲍鱼 Braised Whole Abalone in Oyster Sauce ($120-$260)
香煎射和牛片 Pan-Fried Sliced M9 Wagyu Beef in Black Pepper Sauce  $147 (300g)
包羅萬有 (海參花膠海螺煲) Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber & Conch in Claypot  ($120)
秘制黑叉烧 BBQ Pork in Black Honey Sauce $38
(晚市)手撕鹽焗雞 Traditional Shredded Salt Baked Chicken $45 (Half)
(水煮/香辣)牛蛙 FROG (Spicy Mala Chilli Oil or Wok-Fried in Dried Chilli) $85
蟹肉蛋白炒饭 Crab Meat F'Rice $50
(腊味/黑叉烧 )煲仔饭 Claypot rice (Cured Meat/BBQ Pork w Sunny side up Eggs) $70

廚師精選 Chef Recommendation

糖醋排骨 Spare Rib in Shanghai Style $18
涼拌魚皮 Fish Skin Salad in Soy Sauce $28
蒜茸粉絲蒸蝦碌 Steamed King Prawn in Garlic & Vermicelli $48
干锅蝦碌煲 King Prawns in Spicy Sauce Claypot $55
三杯雞 Chicken w/ Wine & Chilli (3 Cups Chicken) $48
蒜片牛粒 Beef in Fried Garlic $45
砂锅嫩豆腐 Silky Beancurd Claypot $35
碧绿带子 Scallops w Veg $65
荔蓉香酥鸭 Taro Filo Duck $48
蒜香咸蛋蝦球 Prawn w Salty Egg $48
菠萝生炒骨 Sweet & Sour Pork $38
啧啧虾酱通心菜 Morning Glory with Shrimp Paste $43
养颜龟苓膏 Homemade Chinese Pudding(cold)$15





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